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Buying Home Within Months And Need Credit Boost​

  • Allows For Purchase if Your Score Is Too Low​
  • Better Interest Rate On Loan If Your Score Is Higher
  • Possibly Afford Higher Priced Home

Buying Car And Need Better Credit Score

  • Better Interest Rate On Loan If Your Score Is Higher
  • Possibly Afford Higher Priced Car
  • Avoid Debts Designed To Take Advantage Of Poor Credit Buyers

When to use a Positive Credit Boost

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  • Could be a free option
  • Quick Boost
  • Reliable
  • ​Quick fix to buy a home or car

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Family Member With Great Credit

    • May Not Be Enough
    • Free
    • Willing

External Source

    • Knowing The Right One Is Complicated​
    • Years of Experience
    • Lots of Choices – Choose Right One
    • Reasonable Cost
    • Free Consultation
Can I Get A Positive Credit Boost Free?

Yes! If you have a relative or close friend with excellent credit and they are willing to add you to their credit card as an authorized user this can give you a free way to get a quick credit score boost.

How Do I Know It Will Work?

This is a great question.  Each situation is different and requires a different type of authorized user tradeline(s).  Sometimes you need a really old card with years of history, sometimes it is a bigger credit limit and sometimes a combination of cards.  Our credit experts have been helping clients select the right card(s) for their situation for many years and they know how to evaluate what your situation requires.

How Pick The Right One?

This is really a tough thing to do and requires some experience in how various cards have affected user’s credit scores over the years.  This is where our credit experts can really help out to ensure you get the right card(s) for your needs.

Is This Legal?

Absolutely.  When a person gets their own credit card they are usually offered the opportunity to add authorized users to their account.  The person who obtained the credit card is still legally responsible for paying any balance on the card even if it is an authorized user who made the purchase.  Thus they only put on people they trust or are already responsible for (spouse, kids, etc).  But they can put anyone they want on their card. In the case of a purchased authorized user you get access to the credit cards positive history and credit limit, but you never receive a card nor know the credit card information so you cannot make any purchase.

Do I Have Access To The Credit Card?

No. You are only put on as an authorized user to gain the benefit of the card’s history and credit limit, but you will never receive a credit card nor will any information about the card’s numbers, etc be provided.

How Long Does This Boost Last?

The credit boost will last until you are removed from the card as an authorized user.  You will be kept on the card for two months so if you are using this method you want to be near buying your home, car, etc to make sure it is being reported on your credit report when you need it.

How Do I Get A Consultation?

You can speak with one of our credit experts about your authorized user choices by calling us at 480-991-4885 or request a consultation by clicking on the Help Me Choose button.

Does This Work?

Yes!  This is a great way to quickly boost your credit score when needed.  It is only a temporary boost so only use it when close to when it is needed (buying a home, car, etc).


Let Us Help You Choose the Right Positive Credit Boost

Speak with one of our credit experts about your positive credit boost choices by calling us at 480-991-4885 or request a consultation by filling out the form below.

“You really saved my life! In less than 4 months, you helped me get back on my feet. I applied for my mortgage again and, to my surprise, I was able to get the financing I wanted.”

Todd T., Paradise Valley, AZ

“My FICO score has risen all the way to 650 from 519 when I first signed up for your service. My wife’s FICO score is nearly 770 and between the two of us we’ve been able to secure a 30 yr fixed mortgage at a great rate. I am 100% satisfied with what you were able to accomplish here. It was WELL worth it in my opinion. Go Clean Credit service helped me get an almost 4-point lower interest rate –  the difference of about $350/month or $125,000 over the life of the loan! That’s awesome!”

David J., Columbus, OH

“I recommend GoCleanCredit and staff to any and everyone battling debt and bad credit. Not only did my credit score raise 120 points in less than 6 months but it was so much better than filing for bankruptcy, more affordable and less damaging to my credit than bankruptcy would have been. With minimal down and monthly payments the financing process was a breeze. Dawn and Susan are absolutely compassionate to your needs and very educated on dealing with slime-ball collection agencies. I had several that should not have tried to collect from me because the loans were too old and Dawn and her staff will save you from those crooked agencies and definitely get you on the right track! No more sleepless nights for me answering endless creditor phone calls! Thank you Go Clean Credit for giving me my life back!!!! I am no longer embarrassed because I now have better credit!!!

Danyel S., Mesa, AZ

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