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How does having better credit benefit you?

Improving your credit could improve your purchasing power and your quality of life in the form of:

    • New Home For Your Family
    • New Car
    • Better Interest Rates On Your Loans
    • Best Credit Cards
    • Financial Freedom

“You did a superb job in the months that I was working with you. Your customer service was top of the line and your organization really went above and beyond expectations. I owe you the world!”

Tommy O.

“My FICO score has risen all the way to 650 from 519 when I first signed up for your service. My wife’s FICO score is nearly 770 and between the two of us we’ve been able to secure a 30 yr fixed mortgage at a great rate. I am 100% satisfied with what you were able to accomplish here. It was WELL worth it in my opinion. Go Clean Credit service helped me get an almost 4-point lower interest rate –  the difference of about $350/month or $125,000 over the life of the loan! That’s awesome!”

David J. Columbus

“I recommend GoCleanCredit and staff to any and everyone battling debt and bad credit. Not only did my credit score raise 120 points in less than 6 months but it was so much better than filing for bankruptcy, more affordable and less damaging to my credit than bankruptcy would have been. With minimal down and monthly payments the financing process was a breeze. Dawn and Susan are absolutely compassionate to your needs and very educated on dealing with slime-ball collection agencies. I had several that should not have tried to collect from me because the loans were too old and Dawn and her staff will save you from those crooked agencies and definitely get you on the right track! No more sleepless nights for me answering endless creditor phone calls! Thank you Go Clean Credit for giving me my life back!!!! I am no longer embarrassed because I now have better credit!!!

Danyel S., Mesa, AZ

Go Clean Credit is passionate about credit repair

We got into this business because we saw the industry was preventing good people from getting their lives back on track.

The vast majority of people that have credit issues have come by them in a situation of duress (divorce, job loss, illness, etc). Then, when they get the situation corrected their credit is preventing them from moving forward with their lives as quickly as possible.

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