Attorney Help at No Out-Of-Pocket Cost To You

You Could Be Eligible For Immediate Help


Cases Attorneys Love

  • Discharged Bankruptcy And Have Accounts Showing Lates, Balance, Charge Offs or Collections AFTER Discharge

  • I am receiving robo calls from collections on debt

  • Balances Reporting On Foreclosures Or Short Sales

  • Duplicate Accounts Showing For Same Thing

  • Identity Theft Or Accounts Reporting That Are Not Yours

  • Accounts On Autopay And Showing Account Is Late


Why No Cost to You?

Congress realized big corporations may steamroll over individual rights as most individuals would not be able to afford an attorney.  So they created FCRA laws that allow the attorney to collect their fees from the corporations making errors on individual credit reports. Thus an attorney can take your case at no out of pocket cost to you.


Why Would An Attorney Help?

First of all these are consumer protection attorneys.  They have seen a lot of bad behavior from the creditors and credit bureaus and they truly believe in defending clients that are being wrong.  Second of all they can receive compensation for your case directly from the creditor/credit bureaus if they win your case.  If they do not win it still costs you nothing, but if they accept your case it would be because they believe there is a legitimate claim and likelihood that they would win.

What Type Of Credit Issues Do They Like?
  • Anyone who has had a bankruptcy discharged could be an ideal candidate.  Most people who go through bankruptcy will end up with errors reporting on their credit reports.  In some cases they will not be sufficiently negative for an attorney to take your case, but in many instances they will have issues they can defend for you.
  • Anyone who has issued a Cease And Desist to a creditor or collection agency and is still receiving calls.  These type of cases can lead to some significant settlements where you may receive compensation from the creditor/collection agency for violating the law.
How Do I Set Up A Free Consultation?

Just click the Do I Qualify button to take the quick Qualification Quiz. If you qualify you will be able to fill out a contact form to set up your consultation.

How Long Does The Consultation Take?

Consultation times can vary, but usually around 20 minutes.

Can The Consultation Take Place By Phone?

Yes! Most consultations will be by phone.

Do They Work In My State?

Consumer Protection Firms are represented in all 50 states.

How Long Does The Case Take To Complete?

It can vary widely but assume the average case takes 6 Months.