Personality Types & Credit Scores: Is There a Link?

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Are Personality Types & Credit Scores Linked?

It’s an interesting question that we received. Is there a link between personality types and credit scores? Can a personality type predict whether you’ll have good or bad credit?

We don’t know. We’re not Myers-Briggs. We’re just a credit repair company.

But, our curiosity did take us to the internet, where we found several discussion threads and resources.

The consensus from our research? There probably isn’t a strong enough link to draw a logical conclusion.

However, there are some resources worth checking out on whether personality types and credit scores are linked. Here they are.

Discussion Threads

Quora: Is there a correlation between Myers-Briggs personality types and Credit Score?

Best Answer: Aside from pretty much the same question being asked on reddit Which type has the highest/lowest credit score? • r/mbti I could not find any other information, but I assume that it should mainly be a question of whether you’re a J or P type since J types are much better with money and credit cards than P types in general, and should have better credit scores. Though, according to one of the answers on reddit, INTP’s are on both extremes of high and low so maybe there isn’t too strong of a correlation.

Reddit: Which type has the highest/lowest credit score?

Best Answer: Highest: ISTJ Lowest: ESFP


Psych Central: Are Credit Scores and Personality Linked?

Summary: An emerging trend is for companies to use credit reports as an employment screening tool. New research suggests that using a summary of your credit report — your credit score — to screen potential employees is not supported by the evidence.

What do you think? Are personality types and credit scores linked? Tell us by contacting us through our site, or following us on social media to tell us more!

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