How to Remove a Derogatory Account From Your Credit Report in Arizona

Debt and Collections

derogatory creditIt doesn’t matter if it was a completely missed payment or two, a late payment or some life event that compelled you not to pay a debt. A derogatory account is now on your credit report. Here are some steps that will help remove a derogatory account from your credit report in Arizona.

The first step is getting a current version of your credit report.

Remember, you get one from each of the three credit reporting agencies once a year. Each credit report includes vital information that might be helpful in getting the offending account removed. The information there includes the amount that the creditor is claiming that you owe, the origination date of the delinquency and the date that the account will fall off from your credit report.

Once you have the information, check the information in the credit report relating to a derogatory account. If it is inaccurate, you can and should file a dispute with the credit bureau to remove it from your report immediately. You can submit a dispute online or by physical mail. Fortunately, the three credit bureaus by law have to handle disputes in a timely fashion. Should the derogatory account be removed by the credit bureau, it could rapidly increase your credit score.

If the debt is accurate, it’s time to reach out to the creditor.

Make an offer to either pay off the debt in full or a percentage of it in exchange for them removing the account from your credit report. It is crucial that you get this agreement in writing before you submit a payment.

If it’s a missed payment to a creditor, you could call them up and ask them to do you a favor and remove it from their reporting to the credit bureaus. Getting removals this way is not common, but if you were facing extenuating circumstances, a call center representative or supervisor might be willing to help you. Explain the situation so that they can understand why you missed the payment. If you get a “no” response from the first customer service representative, don’t hesitate to ask to speak to a supervisor. Remember you are asking them to do you a favor. Be understanding if there’s nothing that they can do to remove it.

Another alternative is to wait out the seven-year credit reporting window. After that point, this derogatory account will fall off naturally. Waiting this out isn’t the best option if the debt is recent, but could be an option for a single mistake that happened five or more years ago.

Finally, whether you decide to pay off in full, offer a settlement or wait out a derogatory account, make sure that you get documentation of the resolution of the debt.

We’ve seen these derogatory accounts creep back up at a later date. These are especially troublesome when you’re trying to open up new credit lines or get a mortgage. It’s a good idea to keep the complete documentation that shows them as resolved in case a dispute arises. While some work is necessary, it is entirely possible to remove a derogatory account from your credit report in Arizona.

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