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how to fix your credit fast

How Can I Fix My Credit Fast?

We understand that good people can have bad credit and have helped thousands of people just like you since 2003.

We’ve learned that every credit situation is unique and requires its own distinct plan. Some clients have simple one letter solutions that can finish up within the first month. Typical Freedom Express programs will be 5 months while Freedom clients can expect 7-11 months. After your free consultation you will have a great idea of how long you should expect to be in the program.

If you are looking for how to fix your credit fast, here are some simple and smart ways to fix your credit and get you on the path to financial freedom.

Pay down revolving balances

How high your revolving balances are is one of the most important factors in calculating your credit score and enlisting credit repair services. Maintaining your balances down to less than 30% – or paying them off entirely – ensures that your FICO score will see an improvement as you seek to fix your credit.

In addition, pay your bills on time. If you’re wondering who gets paid first when there are a line of creditors, choose to pay your rent or mortgage first. You need a place to live. Then focus on paying off your utilities, car payment, and at least minimum payments on open credit card accounts.

Remove a recent late payment

Missed payments are extremely damaging. Depending on your current score and report, just one 30-day late could drop your score 45-110 points. The removal of a recent late payment takes persistence, but is a surefire way to fix your credit fast.

To remove a recent late payment, call your creditor and ask for a goodwill adjustment.

Remove collection account

A paid collection usually doesn’t help improve your credit score. It’s not enough to just pay a collection – the collection account must also be deleted!

When negotiating the payment of a collection, negotiate “pay for delete” IN WRITING. Before paying the collection make sure you have this pay for delete. This will help you remove the collection from your credit report and improve your score.

Raise your credit limits

Your FICO score looks at your credit utilization ratio (the amount of your revolving balance divided by the amount of credit available to you). The lower your credit utilization ratio, the better it is for your score. When you have low balances and a good payment history, you can see an increase in your credit score by raising your credit limits to lower your credit utilization ratio.

For example, if you have a revolving balance of $3,500 and your credit limits are $10,000, then your credit utilization ratio would be 35% – meaning that you’re using 35% of the credit available to you. If you raised your credit limits to $17,500, your new ratio would fall to 20% – a good thing for your score.

Use any credit cards that haven’t had activity in 6 months

Charge a small amount on any credit cards that haven’t been active in 6 months. A factor in your credit score is whether you are using the credit available to you. The number of accounts with balances, and whether there is a balance on credit card accounts all factor in to your score calculation.

Placing a small charge on your credit cards (even if you pay them off in full at the end of the month) shows that you have an account with a balance and that you’re actively using your credit.

No Credit = Bad Credit

Even if you have no negative accounts on your credit report, you must have at least one open positive revolving account that has been used in the last six months. You’re considered a credit risk if you’ve never had credit. It is your job to show you can responsibly use credit.

  • Get A Secured Credit Card

If you cannot qualify for an unsecured credit card, contact us for a recommendation of a good secured card. We monitor these cards all the time and know which ones are the best to help raise your credit score. You will make a deposit and the bank will give you a credit limit of that amount. Just as you would with unsecured credit, use it wisely. Good, established credit card payment history is essential to improved credit scores.

  • Seasoned trade lines

Someone with good credit history can add you as a co-signer or authorized user to immediately give you credit history on your credit report. As a co-signer you are equally responsible for all debt. As an authorized user you are not responsible for any of the debt, and Mortgage FICO 5 will count the history as yours.

We know that restoring your credit can seem overwhelming and that it is so important to find someone you can trust to help you. We have many credit repair programs that are available to help you overcome your credit situation and place you back on the path to financial success. Real credit restoration is not a once size fits all model and we tailor your needs to the right program, but programs start as low as $99 per month.

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