Fix Your Credit Score: The 4 Essential Steps

Credit Repair

fix your credit score

You’re out there shopping for your new car or home when you learn that your credit score is negatively impacting your ability to get the right loan in place for the long term. Now, you’re in a situation when you need to fix your credit score – and you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 4 essential steps of credit repair. These steps are especially true when enlisting the help of a credit repair services company, who are already working on your behalf.

Here’s 4 Do steps on how to fix your credit score:

1. Make sure you have at least ONE positive open revolving account (credit card) reporting. If you do not have at least one positive revolving account, please contact us. We know which cards and accounts will approve you and benefit your credit score. We would encourage you to NOT apply for any cards or credit lines on your own, as opening the wrong types of accounts can actually NEGATIVELY impact your score.

2. Pay ALL your “good” trade lines on time. Even one late on any of your good trade lines can significantly hurt your credit score.

3. Keep your credit utilization low. Keep the balance owed for each credit card below 30% of your credit limit (below 10% is even better).

4. Consider working with a credit repair services company. A good credit repair services company can help you fix your credit score in a timely manner. If you do choose to work with a credit repair specialist, make sure to forward responses you receive from the credit bureaus and creditors immediately upon your engagement. Notify your credit repair specialist of any new negative accounts immediately (a specialist cannot help you with accounts they are not aware of). And, make sure your specialist has the best number (home, cell and work) to reach you. When a credit repair specialist contacts you they usually need something. Without your timely response, the credit repair process is delayed.

Please contact Go Clean Credit if you have questions on how to fix credit score, or have committed one of these “Do NOT’s” of fixing your credit.

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