Here’s What Happens Once Your Debt is Sent to Collections in Arizona

Debt and Collections

debt collections arizonaYour medical bills piled up quickly and you did the best you could to pay them all. Or maybe the utility bill or cell phone bill just wasn’t paid because you were moving from one home to the next. Possibly a couple of credit card minimum payments were simply beyond your financial means. Here’s what happens when your debt is sent to collections in Arizona.

Expect a lot of phone calls

The collections company is going to do everything that they can to collect on the debt. Here in Arizona, collections agencies are prohibited by law from engaging in deceptive practices. Additionally, they can’t call you at all hours. They also have to honor your request not to be contacted during your traditional work hours. They will continue to call you, but at least it’ll be when you’re not on the job or in the middle of the night.

Most people will try to avoid these calls entirely. That makes perfect sense since you might feel some embarrassment regarding the debt and the fact you’re unable to repay it immediately. Answering these calls may produce an opportunity to settle these debts for less than the full amount though so speaking with the debt collection company might be worth pursuing.

Past due bills will affect your credit score

Your credit score is a quick way for creditors to see how creditworthy you are. If you have a balance that enters collections, this will reduce your credit score. Certain kinds of debt will be discharged after a few years. If you are facing student debt, that will follow you until paid.

The reduction of your credit score will affect your interest rate should you try to open a new line of credit. This includes a new car loan or a new mortgage. Again, if at all possible, resolve this collections issue before you make a large purchase that includes financing. Your future wallet will thank you.

Next steps after a debt is sent to collections

Eventually, you will need to resolve the debt either through negotiation and repayment. Once settled, you can begin the process of rebuilding your credit. This can be done through the use of Secured Credit Cards. Also, reducing your revolving balance of your existing credit cards to increase your credit score as well.

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life. Maximizing your score will get your better interest rates and could make even more credit available to you if you need it.

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