Top 5 Credit Repair Companies in San Jose

credit repair companies in San Jose

Is bad credit keeping you from taking out a loan? Are you unable to purchase a house or car because your score is holding you back?

The best fix for bad credit is partnering with a credit repair company. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best credit repair companies in San Jose. 

Keep reading to find the best solution to your poor credit!

Fix Your Score With One of These Top Credit Repair Companies in San Jose!

1. Go Clean Credit

Go Clean Credit is a passionate credit repair company dedicated to your success. The thing is, credit reports are designed to be confusing. But Go Clean Credit is there to make things easy and simple. They are there to help you reach your financial dreams.

Go Clean Credit helps with a variety of credit repair issues, including mortgage restoration, mortgage correction, collections, late payments, judgments, bankruptcies, tax liens, student loans, identity theft, and more!

Each of their services is customized to your unique situation. You get one-on-one support and help, as well as legal assistance for guaranteed results. 

Stop living with bad credit and allow Go Clean Credit to help! Contact this number one credit repair company in San Jose today for a free consultation.  

2. Blue Water Credit

Blue Water Credit is ready to clean up your credit report by removing negative information and errors. The result: repaired credit score that will save you money. They promise fast, effective results that will remain positive for a long period. Their ongoing credit education and financial strategies can offer long-term results as well as short-term ones. Their risk-free consultation is free of charge.

3. Roundleaf

Roundleaf believes in building goal-oriented relationships with customers. They take the time to understand your unique goals and aspirations and develop a financial plan that fits those goals. When you sign up, they sit side by side with you to help you understand your report. Then, they help you reset your debt, helping you become financially secure. In tandem with your goals, they will guide you through the credit repair process.

4. Zorro Credit

Zorro Credit aggressively works to repair your credit. They can help remove collections, late payments, charge offs, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, and judgments. Their highly trained team of lawyers have experience deleting thousands of negative items daily. All in all, Zorro Credit believes in getting results as fast as possible. Their free consultation includes creating a game plan leading to success.

5. Vantage Acceptance

Vantage Acceptance has a comprehensive debt relief program that can help repair your credit. Essentially, Vantage Acceptance will negotiate will all the major creditors to decrease your monthly payment and get out of debt fast. Removing debt and being able to make your monthly payments on time can greatly increase your score.

Contact A Number One Credit Repair Company Today!

Now that you know the top credit repair companies in San Jose, it’s time to fix your score and get the score you deserve finally. Contact one of these top companies today to get started on your road to success!