Does Case Law Help Me Fix My Credit?

Check to see if the Law is on your side

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What is Case Law?

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How Can it Help Me?

  • Read some case law below
  • May not apply to you directly but gives ideas of support that might be out there
  • Take the Attorney Quiz to see if they might take your case at no cost to you
  • If not, research and maybe find something that will help your case


How Can Case Law Help Me?

By finding case law that supports your issue you can leverage that law to force the creditors and/or credit bureaus to fix you credit report errors.

I Do Not See Anything Here Regarding My Issue. It That It?

No.  We have not even begun to cover all the case law that exists that might support your issue.  Search for case law regarding you issue using the internet or take the Can Attorney Help quiz by clicking on See If Attorney Can Help button.  

I Found The Perfect Match. Does That Mean I Win?

Unfortunately, no.  While you might find a case that perfectly supports why the credit bureau and/or creditor should fix your issue they might not follow through fixing it or they may not think it applies.  Remember only an attorney can say whether the case truly applies to your exact situation and only an attorney may be able to force the credit bureau or creditor to act appropriately.

I Do Not Really Understand The Case Law I Read - How Do I Get Help?


Can I Use A Case And Reference It While Doing My Own Credit Repair?

Absolutely.  Just remember you may be intrepreting differently than actual is the case. Again only an attorney can give you a legal opinion on whether it truly applies to your situation.

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