5 Misconceptions Of Authorized Users On Credit Cards

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Authorized Users On Credit Cards

There are several misconceptions about adding authorized users on credit cards. If you’re considering including an authorized user on your credit account, you’ll want to know the truth about the following five myths first.

Myth 1: Your credit score takes a hit from having authorized users on credit cards.

In reality, the simple addition of an authorized user, in and of itself, won’t affect your credit score. It’s the user’s behavior that has the chance to impact your credit. Depending on your authorized user’s credit spending habits, you may or may not see a positive change on your credit score. However, as a general rule, acquiring an authorized user on your credit card can quickly boost your score—particularly when you’re in need of a mortgage loan.

Myth 2: As an authorized user, you are also held responsible for card payments.

An authorized user on a credit account does not hold any liability for card payments. Only the primary cardholder is responsible for those.

Myth 3: The kind of credit card doesn’t matter when adding authorized users on credit cards.

When becoming an authorized user, you’ll want to have your name added to a credit account that’s old, has a low balance in relation to the credit limit and has consistently been paid off on time.

Myth 4: Having authorized users on credit cards won’t help you as a homebuyer.

A homebuyer will find that adding an authorized user can help if they are looking to acquire a mortgage. Only small number of lenders don’t like when cardholders have authorized users on their account. If it’s clearly a family member, they most likely won’t have issue with it. When they think the authorized user is a friend of a friend, lenders are more wary.

One Go Clean Credit client went through the credit repair program and started with a score of around 550. Through the program, he reached a credit score of around 680. Then, while trying to get a loan, he needed a higher score of 720. At Go Clean Credit, he was added to a 40-year-old credit card as an authorized user and that launched his score up to 723.

Myth 5: It delivers a slow impact on your credit score.

One thing about having authorized users on credit cards is that it produces change very quickly. The day that it reports, you’ve already added 20-something years of credit history—and it will report within about a week of whatever the statement due date is.

For example, let’s say your mom adds you as an authorized user today, and her statement date is in 3 days. Then, it’s going to post on your report next week. It’s actually a great way to increase your credit score promptly.

These misconceptions of authorized users on credit cards have truths behind them that are crucial to understand. Adding an authorized user to your account—or becoming an authorized user—when trying to repair your credit can offer a healthy credit boost.

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